• Located immediately south of the CFD4 airstrip, the hangar has a fully paved apron making for easy access to the runway.

  • The Hangar has a 60' Door and the interior work space can accommodate large "MALE" type UAS.

  • The Hangar comes well equipped with

    • basic tools

    • an electronics lab

    • conference room &

    • Airspace Command and Control locations, that provide a commanding view of the airspace

Flight Test Plan


  • The Foremost Test Range has formulated a comprehensive Flight Test Plan aimed at giving UAS operators the information required to conduct safe and efficient BVLOS operations. The results will be simple to understand and packaged to fit within Standard Operating Procedures giving operators the assurance to make "go" or "no go" decisions during BVLOS operations.

Test Range Airspace

  • CYR 234, 235, & 236 cover 700 nm2 up to 18,000 ft ASL.

  • Together they contain some of the most accessible airspace for UAS in North America.

  • The large farming industry in Foremost has not only made every square mile of the airspace accessible due to access roads, but it has also made for forgiving terrain in case of a forced landing. 

Remote Operations Center


  • 14 foot work space

  • basic tools

  • work benches &

  • Command and Control station monitors

  • Rear ramp can also be used as a covered deck 

  • The Roc is equipped to be self sustaining for several days with an on-board gasoline generator and multiple fuel sources.

  • The ROC is setup with its own LAN allowing multiple situational awareness technologies to be integrated

The ROC is well suited to function as both a BVLOS Command and Control station or UAS Traffic Management Center (UTM), 


  • 300 VFR Days a year

  • Oil and gas infrastructure

  • Crop and range land

  • Water features

  • Multiple launch locations

  • Power distribution lines

  • Telecommunications towers

  • Paved runway (3000'x75')

  • Turf runway (4000'x100')
  • 279.9 mm rainfall per year

  • 7.8 kts average wind speed

  • Four season climate